Masseria Chicco Rizzo is in the heart of Grecìa Salentina, a typical place of Otranto land. The farm is between Lecce and Otranto, close to Adriatic coast. Grecìa Salentina includes 11 districts (Calimera, Carpignano Salentino, Castrignano dei Greci, Corigliano d’Otranto, Cutrofiano, Martano, Martignano, Melpignano,Soleto, Sternatia e Zollino), full of story and culture.

Many events and cerimonies were born from Salento’s cultures and traditions, one of the most important is “Notte della Taranta”, every year at the end of August, well known in the world; it’s the most important events of a long list made up by less known ones: Passion Songs, Grecìa Salentina Carnival, sausage and salad’s Sagra, Wine fest, olive’s sagra, fire’s fest, and other more.



Thanks to intellectuals, associations, societies’ tasks, this land is become important for tourism and economy. Manor farms in Otranto are the example of the local identity.

The land is rich of historical evidences: dolmen, menhir, pajare, little stone walls, cripte, ancient churches, archeological sites; Baroque castles and churches which are historic evidences.