Agritourism in Salento – Chicco Rizzo Farm

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Virgilio, the latin poet, spoke about locus amoenus as an ideal place which allows people to escape from reality, an imagine of quiet. When you arrive at “Masseria Chicco Rizzo”, olive trees and nature suggest the idea of Virgilio’s place and you can discover the appeal of Salento’s agritourism.

Masseria Chicco Rizzo is on Lecce’s south side, in the heart of Salento, in an ideal position for tourists and people who want to know monuments, churches, castles, old palaces and arts coming from Greek-Roman and Byzantine ages. Salento is known all over the word thanks to Adriatic and Ionian sea, Barocco art, “Notte della Taranta” and its traditions.

The cordiality of people is less known but not less important, it comes from the ancient past marked by many invasions, pacific and not. Influences and contaminations of different communities let Salento become a patchwork of arts and cultures, elements that characterized the place and will give you an original holiday in a typical agritourism.

Masseria Chicco Rizzo is in the heart of Grecìa Salentina, an area where people speak dialetto griko, a  centuries old greek-byzantine idiom which characterized a place between Lecce and Otranto.

The Masseria is between Martignano and Sternatia, two cities full of monuments, arts and warm hearted people.

The place wins guest’s love with traditions and passions, Masserie located in Lecce are the mirrors of a pure place where accommodations are characterized by welcome and cordiality. Chicco Rizzo is the ideal place to admire Salento’s coast, it’s close to well known seaside resorts: Otranto, Laghi Alimini, Torre dell’Orso, San Foca and Roca Vecchia. Chicco Rizzo is far few km from Gallipoli, Porto Cesareo and Porto Selvaggio.


Piscina Masseria Chicco Rizzo